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Build your HOTROD

Now thats a HOT Rod!

Blown, chopped, channeled, and tubbed with wide weenies and a puffer? Racing the quarter uncorked with one of these would light up the night! These zoomys really will blow your doors off! Build your own hotrod or restore the one you have with Mitchell1.

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Shelby Cobra

Roadster pipes’ll make heads spin with a raucous throaty roar. Long aerodynamic curves of the body, open grilles and a wide, low stance make them some of the hottest cars on the road, and talk about FAST! The folks at Classic Cars Global have them all.

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Detail that MUSCLE

'68 Chevelle SS Droptop

Even stock, these beauties have a life and style all their own. That bubbly rumble from the pipes, a clean set of chrome Cragar SS, fat rears and a huge V8 to put power to them…. OHHHH the shiny body lines!! Detail her at Alladin’s and Chemical Guys.

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Check out our Classic Muscle Car Pictures Blog!

Check out our Classic Muscle Car Pictures Blog!

Hot Rods and American Muscle Cars

During the 1950's and through the 1970's, muscle cars and hot rods were prominent means of transportation and a source of pride throughout the world. People of all ages couldn’t help but turn their heads when these slick vehicles drove by, and they were, and still are admired by men, women and children alike. Times have changed but the desire to see these vintage and classic cars, hot rods, and muscle cars still remains deeply engrained in our American culture. The owners and those who have preserved these classic cars are very much appreciated within our society, so much so that when these cars are out on the road people really enjoy seeing them, and many will be hard pressed not to compliment the person behind the wheel of one of these beautiful cars…. Trust me. I do it EVERY chance I get!

Hot Rods and Muscle Cars are oftentimes the ultimate statement of the car's owner, legacy, and even imagination, which are proudly displayed for all to see. You have most likely seen them at car shows, on television, or even passed by one on the highway, or outside the local coffee shop. How many times have you whipped your head around to catch the shiny machine that is making that beautiful, throaty rumble through its glass packed mufflers, or even tried to speed up on the freeway to get a closer look at one of these classic cars? Probably as often as I have, I’d be willing to bet!!

The Hot Rods and Muscle Cars of the ‘50’s, ‘60’s and ‘70’s speak volumes about what it is that makes America the proud nation that we are. These gorgeous machines are notorious for being attention-getters for whatever group of people they encounter. They are a nostalgic part of our culture and they come in seemingly endless different imaginable shapes, conditions and modifications. The amount of customization that can be done to the hot rod is limited only by the builder's imagination, or his/her desire to transform a machine that still remains stock from the factory, and that always represents the unique style of the builder themselves. The ability of these beautiful cars to become an extension of the owner is nothing short of amazing.

Car nuts like us, and even the average passer-by, swing our heads when these machines roll by to see the magnificent beast that is creating such a beautiful sound. With a sense of great appreciation anyone can plainly see that each custom Hot Rod or Muscle Car is someone's unique perspective into a new dimension of the lifestyle throughout the US in the 1950’s, ‘60’s and 70’s.

The mere presence of hot rods and muscle cars on the road today is only more proof of the owner’s sense of pride and care. The proud owners are not the only ones that work on their classic cars, detailing every piece of chrome and every wheel cap to a brilliant shine. There are some wrench and speed shops that ONLY work on classics, rods and rides! If you are ever looking for a time and a place to see these perpetually popular machines in all their glory, you just need to call your local mechanic, or search online, and ask for information on any of the upcoming car shows in the area. Almost all mechanics are mindful of classic hot rods and muscle cars from the past and most will take any chance they can get to see them at a show.

Automotive industry experts have long been intense fans of the hot rod and muscle car. The proof of that is the fact that all of the car manufacturers are bringing back the classics, brand new, and every year a new classic car is reborn using the technology of today. However, the most passionate of the classic car junkies are the many die-hard mechanics that look forward to nothing more than getting their hands on a classic hot rod or muscle car to fulfill their need to hear the rumble of powerful engines, or to get a good, long look at the slick bodied vehicles from yesteryear.