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How To Paint Stripes on Car

Jul 12, 2016   //   by   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Last video we sprayed the Eastwood Mustang project solid black.  This video we are going to paint some red pinstripes and stripes on the car before clear coating.

If you are planning on painting stripes remember to trace the decals like we did in the video before you take … Read more

How Far To Strip Off The Paint On My Car To Repaint

Jun 29, 2016   //   by   //   Blog  //  No Comments

I got this question on my YouTube channel.  It’s actually a very good question and misunderstood many times.  If you have a restoration job and there is layers of paint and perhaps rust, then a full strip down to the metal is going to be required.  However, if the … Read more

Should I strip my car paint down to metal?

Jun 23, 2016   //   by   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Should I strip my car paint to metal…and what are some methods that works well? There are times that it is neccisary to strip the paint on a car down to metal. But as I will explain in this video, it may actually be better not to.

Click here Read more

Masking The Eastwood Mustang Project For Paint

Jun 14, 2016   //   by   //   Blog  //  No Comments

We finally have this car in the paint booth and ready to get it masked.  This may not seem like an important part of the painting process, but it really is.  The last thing you want is overspray everywhere, paint on parts not supposed to be painted, and paint … Read more

Are You Damaging Your Car Paint Finish By Washing It?

Apr 25, 2016   //   by   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Professional Grit Guard

You have a great looking car until you see it from an angle…then all of the swirl marks pop out at you.  One way to prevent scratching your car is to use a clean mitt when washing the car.  By using this grit, all dirt in

Read more

5 Tips To Help You Spray Matte or Flat Paint

Jul 28, 2015   //   by   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Yes, matte and flat colors look awesome on cars, but the paint is a little different to spray than other automotive paints.  In this video, we’re going to talk about stripes and give you 5 tips of how to avoid them.

Click here to view the embedded video.


Collision … Read more

1956 Chrysler New Yorker

May 5, 2015   //   by   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Rare Find. California Car. Frame and Undercarriage are in great shape. The body is very nice with no rust showing and very minimal bondo under the paint. The paint, Cloud White/Geranium Red, and Raven Black (paint code 308), is older and very nice with minor chips around. The Gray and … Read more

1973 Chevrolet Camaro

Apr 19, 2015   //   by   //   Blog  //  No Comments

The Best Muscle Cars is proud to offer this 1973 Camaro Z28 – Fresh rotisserie restoration, #s matching drive train, 350/245 hp engine pad #VO124CLJ, 4-speed transmission, pad #P3A16B, casting #3925661, 10 bolt 8.5 rear casting code A243, power steering, power disc brakes, stainless brake and fuel lines, 2.5 Flowmaster … Read more

1969 Chevrolet Chevelle

Apr 5, 2015   //   by   //   Blog  //  No Comments

1969 Chevrolet Chevelle – $ 37,995 – Charlotte, NC –

1969 is one of the meanest-looking years for the Chevelle, so with such an original appearance, it’s only fitting that this coupe has a street-eating big block under the hood. Add in the right modern conveniences, and this is an … Read more

1973 Buick Riviera

Mar 18, 2015   //   by   //   Blog  //  No Comments

1973 Buick Riviera – $ 31,900 – Atlanta, GA –

Motorcar Studio is pleased to offer this rare 1973 Buick Riviera GS Stage 1. One of 728 GS Stage 1 Rivieras built, and one of only 60 finished in Regal Black. This example saw a recent frame-up restoration including paint, … Read more



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